Straight from Oakland, CA - a seventh grade rap video that spells out the contributions of Rosalind Franklin to the discovery of the double helix.  Is there a tumblr that just documents middle school educational rap videos?

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Perhaps my favorite teaching evaluation comment of all time

"I normally don’t support the pay raise of teachers because I honestly think they have it pretty easy job wise, but if I had to I would give JLing a raise for sure. I know she wouldn’t vote for Ronald Reagan but that’s fine with me because she is a awesome teacher. If I had to donate a kidney to save her I would, that’s how good of a teacher she is."

I know it’s kind of self-aggrandizing to cherry pick your favorite student comment, but I couldn’t help it. I’m in the process of gathering materials for job applications and was skimming through my course evaluations at Rutgers. It really made me miss teaching!

A really fascinating review of connections between books, libraries, (dis)empowerment and incarceration.

Also, a fascinating reference to an Asian dialect of teenspeak based on autocorrect as a means of social steganography.

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I wrote a paper with my friend Wade Bishop on the activist potential of volunteered geographic information, which came out today in First Monday.  Feedback welcome!

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