Tuesday Tech: Social Media Citation Guide


As librarians, we feel it is always important to cite your sources. With new technology and social media, it can be confusing how to properly cite a blog or tweet. The folks at Educational Technology and Mobile Learning have put together a great guide to show you how to cite social media in both MLA and APA:

A Great Guide on How to Cite Social Media Using Both MLA and APA styles



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As someone who studies marginalized communities, it’s not uncommon for me to have to spend significant time explaining why my work matters to people at the center. The last few weeks have been particularly interesting, in that the confrontation between Facebook and drag has gone to the heart of a project I’ve been doing for the last year on the social media practices of Brooklyn’s drag community. This week, Tarleton Gillespie and I wrote up a piece for The Atlantic, which just came out today. All feedback welcome!

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Travelroll: September and October

Lots of trips coming up, talks, conferences and family awesomeness:

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Boingboing has a mega crush on librarians.  But then, who doesn’t?  Also, Alison Macrina is a library warrior princess.

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